Parts Under Pressure – Why You Should Always Keep an Eye on Your Power Steering Hose


You may know how easy it is to turn the steering wheel when reversing into a tight space, and you have the power steering assembly to thank for this advantage. Yet if you want to be able to make light work of this manoeuvre in the future, you need to ensure that certain parts of this assembly are in full working order. What parts are most vulnerable to wear and tear over time?

Easy Street

In a typical, modern car, the steering system will rely on a rack and pinion gear set that converts rotary motion to linear motion. When the steering wheel is turned, this rotary motion is transmitted through the column until it meets the steering rack itself. Both the end of the column and the rack itself are gears. They are configured so that they can translate this turning movement into a left or right action.

How It All Works

While the steering rack is connected at either end to each road wheel, most of the magic is provided by a separate and enclosed pump. This is driven by the engine and helps to create a tremendous amount of pressure through a hydraulic hose delivery system. As the steering wheel is turned, the pressurised fluid applies force to a piston which, in turn, helps to push the road wheel in the required direction.

A pair of steering hoses are found on each side of the vehicle. One is the high-pressure feed that is connected to a valve at each end, and the other is the low-pressure hose used to return the fluid to the pump.

Pressurised Problems

You will need to keep a close eye on the high-pressure hose, as this may have a tendency to deteriorate from the inside. As the fluid is pushed under great pressure through the hose, it can cause degradation and, over time, this may eventually result in a leak.

Replacement Parts

Make sure that the power steering hose network is checked whenever you service the vehicle. As necessary, each hose will need to be replaced, but you should always make sure that you get the highest quality and purpose-made components to avoid any unnecessary failure in the future. You may also find it advantageous to check the pump bearings as well as the belt that connects the assembly to the engine. If in doubt, ask your parts supplier to recommend the best components.


3 April 2020

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