Where Can You Get Quality, Genuine Truck Parts?


Large trucks are revered for their ability to carry heavy loads over long distances fast and efficiently. While heavy-duty trucks can do tough work, they are not invincible. The heavy loads that these trucks carry combined with the great distances that they may travel over a short time eventually take a toll on truck parts, thus necessitating parts replacement. 

If you manage a fleet of heavy haulage trucks, finding the parts that you need to keep your trucks on the road in a timely and efficient manner is essential to reduce downtime and increase profits. 

Here are some trustworthy places to buy quality, genuine truck spare parts.

At Truck Dealerships

Truck manufacturers understand that truck operators need to buy spare parts over the lifespan of their vehicles. That's why they usually manufacture brand new replacement parts for the original parts that come with their trucks.

Truck parts that are manufactured by your truck manufacturer are called original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. As their name says, these truck spares match the original parts you'll be replacing in terms of performance and quality. 

New OEM truck parts can be bought from a network of truck dealerships that act as agents of the manufacturer of the parts. Truck spares purchased from these dealerships are often backed by warranties to assure customers that the parts they're buying are of high quality.

At Truck Wreckers

Why should you buy new when you can get a used OEM part at a fraction of the price of a new part? This question reveals the biggest selling point of wrecker parts – cost savings on the purchase of truck parts. 

Like truck dealerships, wreckers also sell OEM parts. However, wrecker parts are sold as used parts because they are sourced from older vehicles prior to resale. Truck wreckers buy unwanted, inoperable or irreparable trucks with this specific purpose in mind.

The cheaper price tags attached to truck wrecker parts come with shouldn't be taken to be a sign of inferior-quality parts. Before any used part can be offered for sale, it is cleaned, checked for excess wear and tear, and road-tested to see if it still meets the performance and safety requirements of the specific truck make and model it is to be fitted to.

Now that you know where to get quality spare parts for your fleet, brace yourself for maximum uptime. Don't let the wrong parts or difficulty in finding the right truck spares hurt your business.

When you're looking for auto parts, including Mitsubishi and Fuso truck parts, contact a dealership or wrecker near you. 


8 April 2020

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