Why You Must Fit an Intercooler to Take Full Advantage of a Turbo


Turbocharger technology is not new, and it has been used in many forms of motorsport for decades. Yet it has only become popular in the traditional market in recent years, as manufacturers fit this type of component to a standard vehicle to generate "easy" power. Still, there is a big difference between convenience and performance, and if you're more interested in the latter, you will need to make sure that you properly configure the turbocharger fitted to your car. Fundamentally, you will need to ensure that you have an intercooler, or your gains are likely to be few and far between. Why is this part of the turbo kit so important?

Side Effects of Compression

Not every turbocharger will have an intercooler. Engineers will tell you, however, that without such a device, the turbo itself will be very limited and the vehicle will be rather difficult to drive. To find out why this is the case, you have to understand what happens to the air when compressed by the turbo.

As you may know, an internal combustion engine relies on a mixture of air and fuel to create the necessary energy. In general terms, the more air you can send to the combustion chamber, the more power you will be able to derive and, therefore, you need to ensure that the air is as dense as possible.

Unwanted Heat

However, if you pressurise the air, it will create energy in the form of heat, and this can be counterproductive. Turbocharged air, in its most basic form, will be heat laden, and this can drastically affect its efficiency when pumped into the chamber.

Temperature Management

To counter this, you will need to fit an intercooler in between the turbocharger itself and the engine intake. Then, the compressed air will be routed through the intercooler so that it can be cooled down once again before it heads for the engine.


Typically, engineers fit an intercooler towards the front of the vehicle and next to the main radiator. It can then take advantage of the flow of air as you drive the vehicle down the road. This process will ensure that the pressure is maintained as you reduce the temperature so all objectives are achieved.

Adding to the Kit

If you already have a turbocharger fitted to your car, talk with your part supplier and add an intercooler to the system. You will be surprised to see the difference this can make and how much more responsive your vehicle may be as a consequence.

If you would like to buy a turbo kit, contact a supplier for more information.


28 April 2020

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