Should You Choose Dealer or Non-Dealer Logbook Servicing for Your Car?


Logbook servicing is an essential practice that's performed as per the specifications of the vehicle's manufacturer. It not only preserves the validity of the car warranty but also increases the value and lifespan of the car. If you're thinking about performing logbook servicing, you may be torn between using a dealer or non-dealer. Dealers are manufacturer-approved firms while non-dealers are companies that have no affiliation to the car's manufacturer. Keep reading to learn the main factors that should influence your choice.

Presence of a Valid Warranty

If you have a valid auto warranty, it's advisable to get your logbook servicing from a dealer. The warranty allows you to get this service for free throughout the period during which your warranty is valid. This comes with numerous benefits. First, dealers have access to expensive test equipment required to unearth faults, and this allows them to conduct quality repairs and improve the performance of the car. 

Second, they also have access to manufacturer (OEM) parts which are 100% compatible with your vehicle. Lastly, dealers adhere to all practices stipulated in the logbook, and this helps preserve your warranty. However, if you don't have a valid warranty, you can go to a non-dealer for non-warranty logbook servicing.

Maintenance Practices

Some dealers will refuse to offer services if there is evidence of neglect or poor maintenance on the car. For example, if the vehicle is significantly worn due to inconsistent servicing or low-quality repairs, they may refuse to serve you. Therefore, check with the dealer first and know their terms and conditions for logbook servicing.

If you haven't been maintaining your car as required, consider using a non-dealer for logbook servicing. Since these are parties that aren't affiliated to your manufacturer, they can follow your logbook requirements without necessarily attaching any maintenance expectations to the service.

Use of Genuine vs. Non-Genuine Auto Parts

Most dealers expect you to use genuine parts for your car. This is especially true if you're seeking services against your vehicle warranty. If you have used non-genuine parts or unverified aftermarket components, they may refuse to service your car. This is because the use of non-genuine parts voids your car warranty; thus, they wouldn't want to be associated with the mess. Therefore, if you've used non-genuine parts, consider working with a non-dealer instead.

Availability of Services

Finally, the choice of dealer ad non-dealer logbook servicing may boil down to the availability of services. Depending on where you live, it may be hard to find a dealer in your area. You don't have to drive to another city for vehicle servicing. If you're in such a situation, find a reputable non-dealer in your area for the logbook service.

Consider these factors when choosing between a dealer and non-dealer for your logbook service. For more assistance, talk to an auto professional.


22 May 2020

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